About Us

Bicester Wills was set up by Gail Church in 2010.  Gail and team are specialist practitioners in Will Writing and Personal Estate Planning services.

Bicester Wills are delighted to offer clear, easy-to-understand advice, a transparent pricing structure and an efficient service.

If you are in the process of estate planning, funeral planning, inheritance tax planning, or are faced with acting as an Administrator for a deceased person’s estate, we can help.

Making your appointment

Please come and see us in our office, in Bicester town centre, to discuss your requirements.  You can book a weekday or Saturday morning office appointment by using our online booking system, or by telephone.

Home visits are available at no extra cost, and should be arranged by telephone to ensure that we can meet at a time and location most convenient for you.

Drop in clinic

On the first Saturday of every month, we have a drop-in clinic in our Bicester town centre office. You can stop by to see where we are, ask any questions you may have, schedule an appointment, or simply come and pick up a leaflet for one of our services.

There are no appointments needed for the drop-in clinic.

Navigating our site

Click on the icons on the right hand side of each page to find out more about the services we offer and the fixed fees payable for each.

If no fees are listed, this is because they must be calculated on an individual basis, taking in to consideration the complexity of the work involved.  Please do not hesitate to telephone or email us to obtain an estimate.



Leave your money to children or charity?!

Sheila Hancock, actress, is adamant that her children can work for their own success. She’s made provision for her own long term care, so as not to burden her children, and intends to leave her money to charity. For advice about your own estate, contact us at Bicester Wills.

Home Visits & Priority Service

We pride ourselves on putting our clients first. Our office is open for appointments on Saturday mornings, as well as on weekdays, to ensure our clients can access our services when they have the time to do so. There are times when clients can’t come to us at all. We understand this.

What costs are associated with funerals?

Funeral costs matter! The BBC reports that funeral providers are competing to reduce their prices. You may have seen funeral providers advertise 'reduced fees' in national and local press too. But what does 'reduced fees' in relation to funeral providers really mean?...

Hidden charges in Wills drafted by banks

Many people have had their Will drawn up by a bank, appointing the bank as Executor. This enables them to charge a large fee for their probate services, leaving less money in the estate. Book your free Will review now, and we can ensure your Will carries out your wishes.

Marriage Matters…

Marriage matters... ...by which we mean, it makes a real difference to your Will! While all eyes are on Prince Harry and his bride this weekend, you can be sure there are advisers making sure their estate affairs are in order. Why?  Because their marriage changes...

Making a Living Will

Are there circumstances in which you would refuse life saving medical treatment? Are you concerned that your wishes may be ignored by those seeking to prolong your life? You can make a Living Will – properly known as an Advance Decision.

How do we cope with an aging population?

It’s a well known fact that advances in science and developments in healthcare have resulted in a population who live longer, but what are the practical implications on society and our resources?

Alzheimer’s Awareness

As Dementia Friends we strive to make planning for, and managing, life with dementia straightforward. All aspects of family life are affected by the disease, as Wendy Mitchell shares in her groundbreaking account of living with dementia. Aida Edemariam, author,...

Practicalities of Funeral Planning

It's usually a time of shock and sorrow but, for those closest to the deceased, the immediate aftermath of death is dominated by the need to plan a funeral.  Logistics, family politics and cost can all weigh heavily, and add to the grief and stress. Emma Freud wrote...

What is your digital legacy?

What is your digital legacy? Most of us leave digital footprints daily! We're Tweeting our opinions, Facebooking our friends and Instagramming our delicious meals and sunshine filled holidays, whilst LinkedIn showcases our careers and contacts. What happens to these...