About Us

Bicester Wills was set up by Gail Church in 2010.  Gail and team are specialist practitioners in Will Writing and Personal Estate Planning services.

Bicester Wills are delighted to offer clear, easy-to-understand advice, a transparent pricing structure and an efficient service.

If you are in the process of estate planning, funeral planning, inheritance tax planning, or are faced with acting as an Administrator for a deceased person’s estate, we can help.

Making your appointment

Please come and see us in our office, in Bicester town centre, to discuss your requirements.  You can book a weekday or Saturday morning office appointment by using our online booking system, or by telephone.

Home visits are available at no extra cost, and should be arranged by telephone to ensure that we can meet at a time and location most convenient for you.

Drop in clinic

On the first Saturday of every month, we have a drop-in clinic in our Bicester town centre office. You can stop by to see where we are, ask any questions you may have, schedule an appointment, or simply come and pick up a leaflet for one of our services.

There are no appointments needed for the drop-in clinic.

Navigating our site

Click on the icons on the right hand side of each page to find out more about the services we offer and the fixed fees payable for each.

If no fees are listed, this is because they must be calculated on an individual basis, taking in to consideration the complexity of the work involved.  Please do not hesitate to telephone or email us to obtain an estimate.



Make your voice heard!

Legally, you can have someone else to speak for you if you’re no longer able to do so. You need to complete and register a Lasting Power of Attorney to give the person or people you trust the legal power to be your voice.
There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), and at the moment a lot of people are setting up Health & Welfare LPAs.

Having tough conversations

People who are already vulnerable are concerned about the Coronavirus.  People working on the front line in healthcare, public transport, and other key roles know that they are risking their health and that of those they live with.
Talking about healthcare wishes, talking about financial and funeral arrangements, talking about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney… Big topics.

Making a Will or LPA from home

You won’t be surprised to learn that the COVID-19 outbreak has made lots of people think about their Will, or who will help them with their money or decisions about medical treatment if they are hospitalised. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to have peace of mind about these things. You can access any of our services by telephone consultation, and do not need to visit us in our office or invite us to your home.

How do I manage the money when someone dies?

When someone dies, their money and possessions have to be sorted out.  If they had a Will, there will be named Executors who take this on. If they did not have a Will, then usually the next of kin is the person responsible. These people are legally allowed to manage the ‘estate’, and are known as the Personal Representatives (PRs).

Unsigned Codicil…International Assets…

There are complications with administering the estate of a person who dies if they have not signed all the documents, or if they are in a language you do not understand.
This article talks about what you can do to make the administration of your estate more straightforward.

Money Management

The question of who’ll keep our finances in order if we are seriously ill or have lost our capacity to manage them ourselves is a huge one! It’s important to have someone we trust in control.
This article explains a bit more about Financial LPAs. These are correctly known as Property & Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Probate Fee Increase Scrapped

Recent proposals by the government to dramatically change the probate fee structure have now been abandoned. Find out how we can support you through the probate process, and what the current fees are.

Families and festivities!

Families – can’t live with them, can’t live without them!?
The season of goodwill isn’t guaranteed to bring happiness and joy for everyone.
Some are enduring a first, or another, Christmas without a loved one.
Others are spending Christmas with family they don’t see often.

What happens if I can’t afford a funeral?

What happens if you can’t afford to pay for your loved one’s funeral…or your loved ones can’t afford to pay for yours? A reporter for the Independent went undercover to find out, and was horrified to discover that relatives are being barred from some publicly funded funerals, and ashes are not being released to the families.

What does an Executor do?

The role of Executor involves collecting in all your assets, paying off your debts, and distributing your estate in accordance with your wishes. It’s a time consuming role that is a considerable responsbility, so you and your Executor(s) should be realistic about the potential challenges of the role.