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Long Term Care Planning

Long-term care planning is a complex issue, as there are many things to consider. For most of us, the main worry is how to fund the costs of such care.

We can help by talking you through the various financial considerations and outlining your best options, as you contemplate making care plans for yourself or a loved one in the longer term.

Each case varies in terms of complexity and work required, so please contact us directly for an estimate of our fees.

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Care Planning

How we can help you...

Planning options for your long term care requires a multi-faceted approach. We’ll support and advise you, alongside your GP and financial adviser if appropriate. The rules relating to costs of care often change, and may be affected by where you live. Talk to us about your needs, wishes and financial position. Our experts will help you navigate the rules to obtain the financial support available to you. We recommend drawing up Lasting Powers of Attorney and/or an Advance Decision. These are invaluable, especially in relation to treatment decisions, when you are no longer able to communicate your own wishes. You might also consider an Advance Statement. This non-binding document gives information about your life choices, personal care, preferences and interests. This guidance is invaluable to those caring for individuals who are no longer able to communicate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney?

If you want someone to be able to act on your behalf if you can’t make decisions for yourself, then you should consider creating a lasting power of attorney. An ordinary power of attorney is valid only as long as you’re mentally capable of making decisions on your own.

Won't the Council pay for my care home fees?

Possibly. Your local council will conduct a means test, looking at your income and capital, to determine whether you qualify for help with the cost.

What is an Advance Decision?

An advance decision is a statement of instructions about what medical and healthcare treatment you want to refuse in the future, in case you lose the capacity to make these decisions. For example, you could use it to say you do not wish to be resuscitated if you develop certain medical conditions in the future.

How much do Care Homes cost?

The average weekly cost of living in a residential care home is £704, while the average nursing home cost is £888 per week across the UK. (June 22)

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