Having tough conversations…

…about death.

We know that this is an emotionally difficult time. 

People who are already vulnerable are concerned about the Coronavirus.  People working on the front line in healthcare, public transport, and other key roles know that they are risking their health and that of those they live with.

Talking about healthcare wishes, talking about financial and funeral arrangements, talking about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney… Big topics.

But having these conversations can really encourage family and friends to understand what one another would wish for in terms of end of life decisions and care.

It can release loved ones from the worry of not knowing how best their friend or family member would want to be remembered.

It certainly gives you the confidence that you’ve shared your wishes with other people, people who can be your voice if yours cannot be heard.

We can help with this.  We have the resources to help you start those conversations and put the arrangements in place. 

Here’s how.  Click on the links to find out more:

  1. We have leaflets here on our website that you can read for more information about the issues you might want to think about;
  2. We can talk to you on the phone about the processes for Will writing, registering a Lasting Power of Attorney or setting up a Living Will;
  3. We can take your instructions over the phone and draw up the documents you need to make your arrangements;
  4. We will send you final copies of the documents (only after you have approved them) with clear instructions on how to ensure they are completed and signed in accordance with the law;
  5. We can come to your home to see you signing your Will (through a window) and then witness the Will for you;
  6. We can send the documents to you, or arrange for them to be securely stored until you or your family need them.