Home Visits & Priority Service

We pride ourselves on putting our clients first.

Our office is open for appointments on Saturday mornings, as well as on weekdays, to ensure our clients can access our services when they have the time to do so.

Our first-Saturday-of-the-month drop in enables people to pop in without needing an appointment.  This means they can access our services even when they hadn’t planned to!

There are times when clients can’t come to us at all.

Perhaps your loved one is in a care home, housebound or has been hospitalised.

They still need the opportunity to speak to us face to face, to explain their needs, discuss their options and give us instructions.

We understand this.

Case Study

A lady phoned Bicester Wills on behalf of her Mother to ask if we could amend her Mother’s Will. The current Will is with a solicitors’ firm in Oxford.  She can’t get there easily due to arthritis.

I outlined that we aren’t able to amend Wills prepared by other providers, and it may be more cost effective to do it through their current firm.

The caller said the firm wanted to charge £200 just to do a home visit, with the fees for amending the Will added on top of that.

I explained that for £199 we would prepare an entirely new Will, and added that we don’t charge extra for home visits.

We offer a home visit service to those who need it. 

The home visit service is for a standard, non-emergency appointment which would otherwise take place at our office.

Please telephone the Bicester Wills team to arrange the appointment, so that we can arrange a time and a location which suits.

There is no charge for this service.

We offer a priorty service in emergencies. 

In urgent circumstances, we will arrange to come to your current location without delay.

After taking instructions, we will prioritise your paperwork and return it to you as soon as possible for signature.

Please telephone us to book this service.

The priority service costs £100 and will be invoiced within 14 days of the service being booked.

Find out more on our Home Visits webpage, and take a look at the estate planning services we offer.