Leave your money to children or charity?

Sheila Hancock, actress, is adamant that her children have been well provided for in her lifetime, and don’t need anything more when she dies.

She is part of a growing number of people who feel that the younger generations should work for their own success, rather than have it handed to them on a plate.

Instead, she plans to leave a charitable legacy to benefit those less fortunate than her own family.

Ms Hancock also says she has made financial provision for her own care, should she get to a stage where she is no longer able to live independently.

Are these issues which weigh on your mind? 

We can help to advise you about long term care costs and financial planning.  We can talk to you about Lasting Powers of Attorney, in case you want to appoint a loved one to manage your financial affairs, or to be your voice when it comes to your health and welfare.

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