Practicalities of Funeral Planning

It’s usually a time of shock and sorrow but, for those closest to the deceased, the immediate aftermath of death is dominated by the need to plan a funeral.  Logistics, family politics and cost can all weigh heavily, and add to the grief and stress.

Emma Freud wrote an incisive, honest account of her experiences of funeral planning, and it makes for interesting reading. From family to flowers, cakes to coffins, she takes the reader through the choices she faced and the arrangements her family made.

There’s always the worry of whether the deceased would be happy with your decisions.  You and your loved ones might consider making funeral arrangements in advance and covering the cost of this too, with a Prepaid Funeral Plan.

We’ll talk you through the best prepaid funeral plan options for you, and set down the wishes of you or your loved ones now.  Email us, phone us or take a look at our Prepaid Funeral Plans Guide to find out more about how we can help.