Strange Wills!

10 Of The Strangest Wills Of All Time

The Guardian, 25 August 2015


10 Of The Strangest Wills Of All Time

This article makes for interesting reading!!  We were fascinated by how some people want to use their Will to show their love to their nearest and dearest, while others are keen use their money to continue to wield control over their family when they are gone.

Either way, it is really important to leave clear instructions regarding the distribution of your estate to ensure that your wishes can be carried out.  The author of this article noted that fewer than half of adults in the UK have drawn up a Will and, since then, the number of people without a will is reported to have increased.

If you’ve been thinking about it, but not yet got around to it, get in touch. We can help you through the process; it’s an important thing to do.

If you already have a Will, but it is out of date – perhaps you’ve since got married, or your wishes have changed – we will be happy to discuss your updated plans and draw up a new Will for you.

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