Shine Virtual Balloon Race May 2019

We’re delighted to be fundraising for Shine – a charity offering support to those living with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida.

Hydrocephalus is the term used for a build up of fluid around the brain and spine. 

The increased pressure on the brain causes difficulties with memory, motor skills, concentration, vision and language, among other things.

There are no outward signs of the condition.  Find out more about hydrocephalus by watching a video here.

People with hydrocephalus will have a shunt fitted, to drain the fluid from their head down into their stomach, because their body is unable to do it naturally.  Shine offer specialist, practical support to individuals and those around them – family, school, workplace – teaching them how to spot and manage any complications that might arise with the shunt.

Shine also issue a personalised Shunt Alert card to their members with hydrocephalus.  Having this about their person means that, in an emergency, medical professionals know about the shunt.  Remember, it cannot be seen so there is no other indication that it is there.

The failure of shunt can be fatal.  Shine offers support and counselling to families who have lost their loved one due to shunt complications or failure.  This is a really important aspect of their work.


Shine host balloon races to raise funds for their shunt services.  With an eye on the environment, they’ve made the races a virtual event.  This means no real balloons will be released.

We’ve bought and designed our balloon to enter in the race on 18th May at Peterbrough Cathedral. 

We’ll keep you posted – watch this space!