Funeral costs matter!

The BBC reports that funeral providers are competing to reduce their prices.

You may have seen funeral providers advertise ‘reduced fees’ in national and local press too.

But what does ‘reduced fees’ in relation to funeral providers really mean?

Funeral Fees

These are the costs of the undertaker themselves.  They can be set, raised or discounted by each individual undertaker or company, and the fees cover their professional service.

You can reasonbly expect the funeral fee to cover: collection and preparation of the body for cremation or burial; transport of body to cremation or funeral and place of burial; completion of necessary paperwork.

They may also include the cost of a coffin and a hearse, but their fee will be affected by the type of coffin you select.  The fee will also increase as you add funeral cars.

Funeral Disbursements

Your undertaker is not at liberty to discount these for you.  Disbursements may make up the majority of the cost of a funeral as they relate to every cost which is not covered by the undertaker’s professional fee.

Examples of disbursements include: burial fee; cremation fee; crematorium fee; doctor’s fee (cremation only); headstone or memorial stone cost; burial plot cost; newspaper notice fee; cost of funeral flowers; design and printing of orders of service; church fees; venue hire; catering; and any other goods or services you require as part of the funeral.

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