What happens if I can’t afford a funeral?

What happens if you can’t afford to pay for your loved one’s funeral…or your loved ones can’t afford to pay for yours?

A reporter for the Independent went undercover to find out, and was horrified to discover that relatives are being barred from some publicly funded funerals, and ashes are not being released to the families.

Funeral fees often exceed £4,000.00, and many families are unable to raise this amount of money when their loved one dies.

In cases where no pre-paid funeral plan, or other finance, is available the Council foots the bill.  This happens in around 4,000 cases each year, and the numbers are likely to rise in line with the cost of funerals.

Our client said she wanted to arrange a pre-paid Funeral Plan to take away the stress for her family, and have everything all sorted and in place. 
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Of course, the role of the Council is not to provide a funeral service for the bereaved family from public money. 

Informing relatives that they may not attend, and dealing with the ashes instead of releasing them, is presumably intended to ensure people don’t take advantage of a publicly funded funeral.

However, for those who have no alternative, this is a distressing situation and they are left unable to grieve and remember their loved one with others in the way they might wish.

Whilst it may be possible to negotiate with the funeral director, or approach a local church or celebrant to ask for help with a memorial service, the professional, burial and cremation fees involved are so large that even a reduction will not bring costs to a manageable amount.

We urge you to think about arranging a pre-paid funeral plan now. 

Whatever your stage in life, it is worth looking at the products available.  Paying a small amount of money monthly to ensure the costs of a funeral will be covered when the time comes will make all the difference.

Talk to us about the wide range of funeral plans available on the market.  We’ll need to know your budget and any specific requests you might have about funeral arrangements.  Then we can explain the options available to you, and help you secure the best plan for your needs.

Leave your loved ones free to honour your memory as they’d like, rather than distressed and worried about how to pay to say goodbye.

We can come to your home, hospital or other appropriate location at no extra cost, if you are unable to come to a meeting at our office.  Just ask, and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

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